Machine Tools


Hurco VMX 30UI 5 axis Trunnion machining centre Winmax control

Geiss large volume 5 axis head - head machining centre Siemens 840D control

Cincinnati Arrow 500 3 axis vertical machining centre Siemens 840D control

All the above machine tools equipped with Renishaw tool probes and Renishaw spindle part probes

Robodrill Fanuc T14 3 axis machining centre Fanuc Control

2x Bridgeport 2 axis test Beds

  • 1 Linear guideways
  • 1 Box guideways

Solidworks and solidcam software for computer-aided design and computer-aided machining

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Renishaw equator comparitor gauge

Zeiss Prismo medium volume CMM fitted with Vast probe and discrete point and scan capability

Calypsio software

Hexagon arm 8520-7 axis portable CMM arm with RS5 laser line scanner running Spatial analyser and Geomagic Software

Nikon LK medium volume CMM with LC 15 DX laser line scanner capacity Cameo and Focus Software
(based in NPL facility)

Faro ion laser tracker enabled with Faro cam and Spatial analyser software

Etalon laser tracker

Renishaw Machine tool calibration software

  • 2 x QC 20W ballbars
  • XL 80 laser interferometer
  • XM 60 6 degrees of freedom laser interferometer

Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 - Direct Scanning Laser Tracker

Various photogrametry equipment

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Denso and Mitsubishi robot arms