Platform Programme One – Next Generation Surface Metrology

Platform Programme One aims to build a Basis for Future Standardised Freeform/Structured Surface Characterisation System. This research focuses on creating universal evaluation systems for freeform and structured surfaces, which include refining the discrete/continuous non-Euclidean surface representations, sampling, filtration, characterisation, fast algorithms, and practical approaches.

Meet the team


Dame Prof. Xiangqian (Jane) Jiang


University of Huddersfield


Prof. Paul Scott


University of Huddersfield

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Mr. Shan Lou

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The University of Huddersfield

Dr Wenhan Zeng


University of Huddersfield


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Book and Book Chapters:

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Advanced Technology: The book introduces discrete/continuous surface representations, decomposition to solve the non-uniqueness problem of freeform shape; filtration, Morphology, Wavelet Decomposition and Numeric Characterisation. The book discusses methods able to handle the geometry of freeform surfaces and bridge the knowledge gap between research and practical industrial applications.

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