Platform Programme One – Next Generation Surface Metrology

Platform Programme One aims to build a Basis for Future Standardised Freeform/Structured Surface Characterisation System. This research focuses on creating universal evaluation systems for freeform and structured surfaces, which include refining the discrete/continuous non-Euclidean surface representations, sampling, filtration, characterisation, fast algorithms and practical approaches.


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Next-Generation Surface Metrology Metrology Technologies and Applications In-Process Metrology Machine Tool and Large Volume Metrology 
We have established a unique and sustainable research hub to develop world-class science and deliver significant and lasting economic impact. The current hub grand challenge research is focussed on two research themes:
THEME ONE - Embedded Metrology Foundations 
Embedded Metrology will build sound technological foundations by bridging four formidable gaps in process- and component-embedded metrology.
This covers: physical limits on the depth of field; high dynamic range measurement; real-time dynamic data acquisition in optical sensor/instruments; and robust, adaptive, scalable models for real-time control.
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Work Package 1Work Package 2Work Package 3Work Package 4
WP1 Basic Non-diffractive Interferometry WP2 Novel Fringe Projection Technologies Across Scales WP3 Spectral Interferometers for Multi-property Measurement WP4 Metrology-driven Control for Manufacturing Systems
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THEME TWO - Metrology Data Analytics
Metrology Data analytics will create a smart knowledge system to unify metrology language, understanding, and usage between design, production and verification for geometrical products manufacturing; Establishment of data analytics systems to extract maximal information from measurement data going beyond state-of-the-art for optimisation of the manufacturing process to include system validation and product monitoring. systems using sensor networks with different physical properties under time-discontinuous conditions.

For more information and to meet the teams involved in these projects click on the links below:
Work Package 5Work Package 6Work Package 7Work Package 8
WP5 New Mathematical Fundamentals for Sensor Net Metrology WP6 Smart Semantic Metrology Systems WP7 Metrology Data Analytic Models for the Manufacturing Value Chain WP8 Metrology Approach to Artificial Intelligence Control