Metrology Data Analytics
WP6 Smart Semantic Metrology Systems

The WP6 aim is to create and deliver a smart semantic knowledge system that will incorporate the fusion of knowledge from design specification, production, verification and manufacturing sources in a smart machine-readable format. This lays a key foundation for one of the main HUB grand challenges of smart metrology semantics, where key manufacturing knowledge/information/data is represented and manipulated by a new smart semantic language. It is aligning with Theme II, Objective 5 and Objective 6.

Meet the team

Dr Qunfen Qi


University of Huddersfield

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Prof. Paul Scott


The University of Huddersfield

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Dame Prof. Xiangqian (Jane) Jiang


University of Huddersfield

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Dr Peizhi Shi

Research Fellow

The University of Huddersfield

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PhD Students

   Mr Yuchu Qin, University of Huddersfield



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Book Chapter: 
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