Platform Programme Two – Metrology Technologies and Applications

This platform theme has evolved to meet new partner needs and has the following aims:

1. Ramp-Up (IUK) to develop and deploy an in-process layer-wise metrology system for the new EBeam Additive Manufacturing Machine.

2. The UScale (GrowMedTec)) project encompasses the development of a handheld device allowing patients to remotely measure and record the volume of urine excreted over a 3 day test period.

3. The Loquitor (IUK) project to develop a software system that could take ballistic metrology data (bullets and cartridge cases) from a range of measurement systems and use this data to correlate against ballistic data held on storage databases.  

4. MTC EPSRC RiR– this project aims to investigate bespoke surface topography measurements and characterisation methods for additively manufactured (AM) products.

Meet the team

Profile picture in grey scale of Prof Liam Blunt

Prof. Liam Blunt

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University of Huddersfield


Dr James Williamson

Research Fellow

University of Huddersfield

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Mr. Shan Lou

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Dr. Katie Adinall

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University of Huddersfield

Dr Wenhan Zeng


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Mathew Boon

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University of Huddersfield

Miss Y Liu and Mr S Narasimharaju