Surface Metrology Training School
Karl Walton in the metrology lab

September 2017 saw the launch of the prestigious EPSRC Future Metrology Hub at the University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Precision Technologies.

Part of the wide ranging £40M Hub project is the development of the Surface Metrology Training School. Open to industrial and academic users from across the UK, the School aims to provide a broad based introduction to the theory and practice of surface metrology. Delivered by a group of experienced specialists, the School offers attendees two days of theoretical seminars and hands on sessions with market leading metrology instrumentation.

Seminar content includes the philosophy and principles of surface metrology with guidance on achieving robust and compliant measurements. A full range of surface metrology instrumentation is discussed, including contacting and non-contacting types. Instrument operating principles are covered in some detail including contact stylus, phase and wave-front scanning interferometry and focus variation. Surface characterisation is also covered in great depth in the context of profile and areal surface parameters, as specified in the ISO 4287 and 25178 series standards, and the subject or filtration is given close attention in its many forms from Gaussian to wavelet. Finally, attendees also benefit from a presentation on the future direction of surface metrology with the identification of newly developing fields within the discipline, from the Hub’s world-leading surface metrology experts.

The first two-day training course took place in October 2017 where it was well received by academic and industrial attendees alike. A second course is planned for May 2018. The Surface Metrology Training School has recently been accepted by euspen as part of their wider precision engineering course program (ECP2) training programme

For more details about the Surface Metrology Training School contact Dr Karl Walton: