Future Metrology Hub launches its Industrial Metrology Forum
Industrial Metrology Forum 2018

The beginning of May saw the launch of the Hub’s Industrial Metrology Forum, with over 25 organisations attending the half day event to get an update on the Hub’s research programmes and to discuss industry’s metrology needs and priorities.

As well as presentations from the Hub team, a number of interactive workshops were held to discuss topics around Large Volume Metrology (LVM), Metrology Training, Research in the Real World, and X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT) and related Metrology Applications.  These were all subjects that had been identified by industry delegates and the workshops were an opportunity for industry to share and discuss their views with researchers to help shape the Hub’s future research direction.

The Industrial Metrology Forum is open to any company which has an interest in metrology research, techniques and applications. The Forums are yearly events and the outputs will influence how the Hub’s Flexible Innovation Funding will be spent.  This £500k of flexible funding will fund schemes such as:

  • Themed open calls for industry-led innovation projects
  • One-off priority innovation projects
  • Innovation vouchers
  • Industry-academe secondments

The first Innovation Call will be launched later this year.

For more information about the Forum and how to get involved, please contact Christian Young, the Future Metrology Hub Manager.