Hub Research Project Shortlisted for Prestigious Award

Hub Research Project Shortlisted for Prestigious Award

The Medilink North of England Healthcare Business Awards are held annually and highlight the very best innovations in healthcare. The Hub project has been nominated in the Partnership with Academia Award category in recognition of ground-breaking and collaborative work with industry.

The project, which aims to improve the treatment for patients affected by Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), is being developed in partnership between the Hub, UScale and Sheffield-based digital health company Elaros.

Millions of people in the UK suffer the symptoms of LUTS and one of the main obstacles to successful treatment is the availability of a simple, easy test to measure how severely the patient is affected. In this project, two technologies are being used to develop such a test.

UScale, developed by Dr James Williamson in the Metrology Hub and NHS urologist Nicolas Bryan, provides a more effective way of taking measurements, while a digital bladder diary devised by Elaros helps maintain an accurate, easily accessible record. 

Using UScale, the patient urinates into a disposable container connected to a digital scale. The device records the weight, and the patient can simply empty the receptacle and throw it in the bin before leaving the bathroom. 

Meanwhile, the digital bladder diary developed by Elaros enables users to track the volume, urgency and frequency that they urinate over the three-day monitoring period, using a smartphone app.  The data captured is analysed by a powerful algorithm, linked to NICE Guidelines, before providing an indicative diagnosis back to the health professional.  The data and report can then be added directly into the patient record. 

These two technologies are now being brought together into one prototype device using a £20,000 Proof of Feasibility grant from Grow MedTech.  The combined device will enable UScale to automatically complete an online digital bladder diary when used and make this information accessible by the patients’ health professional. 

The Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager who brokered the new partnership, Dr Luke Watson, says: “In isolation, each party’s device improves patient compliance, but when combined they create an all-in-one solution with the potential to improve treatments for millions.”