Optics Lab


Arinna white light scanning interferometer

High-speed fringe projection (1000 Hz) toolkit

Stereo deflectometry toolkit

High precision deflectometry configurable toolkit

Ocean optics Flame – T spectrometer (780-920 nm)
Thorlabs CCS 100 spectrometer (300-700 nm)
Thorlabs optical spectrum analyser OSA 201C (350-110 nm)

Solar laser systems S150

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White lace supercontinuum laser

Exalos SLEDs, 1-5 mW, 780-850 central wavelength

Various tuneable lasers and laser diode sources

Pulsed laser

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Newport linear stepper stages – range 25mm, resolution 0.1um

PI PZT precision linear stages – ranges 100-500, µm, resolution 1 nm

4 axis Aerotec motion stage

High performance parallel computing hardware
5 x high-performance vibration isolation optics benches
Beam analysis toolkit