Robot Lab

The robot vision lab provides a test platform to develop novel instruments and software that enable robots to operate in dynamic and challenging environments. The Kuka industrial robot and 3D scanners are used to evaluate new techniques for target identification within the work volume, and for determining 3D position and orientation of those targets so that they can be manipulated by the robot end effector.


Kuka KR16 industrial robot 

  • 6-axes 
  • Rated payload 16kg 
  • Repeatability ±0.05mm 
  • Volume of work envelope 14.5m3 
Used to split text up

Phase Vision Quartz 3D scanners  

  • Multiple industrial grade 3D shape measurement instruments. 
  • Based on projected structured light technique. 
  • Measurement volume up to 1m x 1m x 1m. 
  • Accuracy better than 1/10,000 of measurement volume diagonal. 

Ximea high-speed camera  

  • 1.1Mpix monochrome CMOS camera with Luxima LUX13HS sensor. 
  • 3,500 frames per second at 10-bit using PCIe Gen3 interface bus. 

Vialux STAR-07 high speed projector   

  • 8-bit projection at up to 290 frames per second. 
  • 1-bit projection at up to 22,727 frames per second. 
  • Based on 0.7” DLP chip consisting of 1024x768 micromirrors.